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A tribute to the police officer who saved my life after domestic violence

Answering questions on Quora about domestic violence, dealing with law enforcement officers, and the criminal courts in New York City is a coping mechanism for me. It helps me process the trauma in a more productive way, instead of falling into unproductive vices like drugs, which I've openly been known to do.

A lot of my blog posts so far have recounted awfully negative and horrifying experiences with police officers (for the record, detectives are also police officers). The negativity of these encounters with The Law were multiplied hundredfold because they occurred after I'd come forward as a victim of intimate partner violence.

But alas--the world is nuanced, and in every profession, there are good and bad apples.

Today, I want to talk about The Good: the best police officer I ever dealt with. One who believed and supported me, from both a legal and psychological standpoint.

I met this police officer during one of my first visits to the Manhattan Family Justice Center, a government center in New York City offering "free and confidential assistance for victims and survivors of domestic and gender-based violence."

She took down my initial report, and patiently answered questions as I wavered back and forth.

She validated my experiences of emotional abuse and violence.

For all intents and purposes, she saved my life. I wouldn't have the voice I have today, if it weren't for her aid and actions.

I wrote a detailed answer about my positive experience with her on Quora, which I'm sharing below. Thanks for reading.


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